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» Dekra SafetyCheck 10.06.2011
this month its time for TÜV on my KAr and i decided to get the free SafetyCheck as a precheck to save the possible "Nachzeigegebühr" if something would need to be fixed. What had to happen happened: front left spring was broken and also the sillboard has more rust than i thought
Because one spring in the back had broken, its only adequate that another one runs down just now ...

» Attachment Importer WBB to phpBB3 03.06.2011
as promised the attachment importer script for a Woltlab Burning Board Lite 1.0.2, that uses the Multiattachments Hack V1.3 by spitzi, to a phpBB3 (and probably later versions, too )

[detailed info will follow...]

first you need to convert your WBBLite to a phpBB2, there is already this perfectly working converter, with phpBB 2.0.23 included, available.

modded Script in Stuff (Misc)

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